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Jennifer Knaff is a Security Consultant, Instructor, Investigator, and Emergency Medical Technician, whose more than twenty years of national and international experience encompass Executive Protection, Investigations, Basic Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pre Hospital Trauma Life Support, Law Enforcement, world travel, and training. She works extensively on medium-to-high-risk protective assignments all over the world, leading security teams and as the primary protection agent responsible for the safety of Heads of State, CEO's of Fortune 100 companies, royalty, members of the diplomatic community, high-profile celebrities and athletes, private clients, military personnel, gala events and museum quality artwork and jewelry.

She educates executive clients, their families and staff about security awareness and how to lower their risk profile.


As an Instructor, Ms. Knaff provides dynamic lectures and demonstrations of the many facets of Personal and Executive Protection, including the facilitation and safe movement of clients through daily schedules, travel and special events. She instructs students and agents on performing advance work, route, airport, hospital and site security surveys, providing secure transport, effective liaison and communications; working abroad, protocol, cultural issues; crisis management, prevention of domestic and workplace violence, stalker intervention, medical and other emergency response; supervising staff and managing resources, presenting a corporate image, networking, and interviewing for a job.  


Jennifer Knaff consults about effective marketing strategies and professionally critiques resumes, curricula vitae and biographies, designs corporate logos and web pages, displays, business cards and stationery, and writes media kits and business advertisements.

She guides job candidates through applications, Federal KSA's, and the hiring process; interviews and salary negotiation; makes referrals, and facilitates network contacts.

She offers coaching to Personal Protection Specialists, Law Enforcement, Military, Medical, and other professionals who are interested in working effectively independently and as part of a team, applying her skills to help people polish their professional images to become more poised, confident, and marketable, focusing on the gap between training and employment. She mentors individuals in security, corporate and confidential assignments, guiding them to excel at what they do, from entry positions to the highest levels of their professions.


Ms. Knaff is a member of the security organizations ASIS International, the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP), and the Association of European Threat Assessment Professionals (AETAP), as well as the Chesapeake Human Resources Association (CHRA), and the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT).


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