EP Marketing Consultants, LLC
About Us


We have successfully helped clients:


Present effective resumes


Interview with confidence and poise


Negotiate equitable and competitive compensation packages


Transform their image to present a sleek and professional appearance


Develop and maintain professional networks that span the globe


Understand how to work independently or as part of a team


What We Do:


Translate your life skills and experience from Law Enforcement, Military Service, Corporate and Medical Fields to a resume or CV, written so that a prospective employer can understand the qualities you represent


Write resumes, biographies, business advertisements and Curriculum Vitae


Design media kits, displays,websites, business cards and stationery


Consult regarding appropriate work clothing, conduct and image


Assist in negotiating salary and benefits


Coach on working effectively with a client; individually or as part of a corporate team


Tips on business, personal and cultural protocol and etiquette


One-on-one training and exercises specific to facilitating client movement


Development and maintenance of network contacts within a specific field


Strategies for training and maintaining focus on goals


Help understand and write KSA’s (Knowledge, Skills and Abilities) for federal employment


Marketing of services, personnel and businesses, in the form of business plans, proposals and team-building for specific clients



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